What is on your mind right now?

What Rice? Lol at barking up the wrong tree.

You don't know about ME!!

Continue Luv.

It's been an absolute pleasure to have posted to a stupid idiot, however I have to go to sleep Work in the Morning and all that.
I'm the guy on the the right, do u think I'm cute?
I feel sorry for my kids they will grow up without a mother

I was thinking of buying one of these
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You know to make it more realistic for them.

But I'm gonna have to travel all the way to Nigeria for one of these

Will do anything for my children won't runaway like their mother and readl father

Why do you troll to a excruciating extent? :faysalwtf:
Somali heesoyin have the ability to awaken jaceyl in you with being actually in love.
Especially now that I discovered I song with my name in it loooll
I shouldn't listen wallahi, I was doing good until now.
Listen if you get 1 tick, then that means you're a piece of shit!

WhatsApp? 10 people are deleted!

Don't call me on any Number! It gets to the point when you realise that it's too much

Goodbye Somali community.