What is on your mind right now?

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I told everyone and their Mother! The doctor gave me some pills for 3 days..
Leave me alone I cannot switch on you but my mind still works. Keep WhatsApp ins moi and see wha gwan.

Yasmin is trying her best and you wanna f*ck with me.

Gwan wit ya bad self
Abdi you woke me up when I told you Goodnight and it wasn't an emergency it's bullshit. You are so lucky your phone is OFF, I'm going to burn your toenails Off with a clipper I told you never to mess with me when I'm sleeping when you know I don't bloody sleep.
Northwick Park Hospital be prepared!!! I'm not the one who is dying, I don't know why these stupid people mess with me for when I am a fucking nutter.


The Bad Ali of Jigjiga
Abdi stop being shook of my white Sis that handed your arse to you!!

Now we're are going out long week for us legal money maker's hunny.
Looool at you trying it son. She knows about Somalis, she has witnessed it first hand with the man dem.
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