What is on your mind right now?

Leeds I'm coming, give me 5 hrs. Xx

I've stopped crying and my life is good for now. Thanks

To my family, Yasmin Gulaid has been cool for the past 24 hrs, no skikh needed.
You obviously don't know Yasmin Gulaid very well! No club's,bars and House party's for you!

I've sercity elsewhere so hold tight and Thank me for being a Somali that knows everyone
Somalis you really don't know how to make money on a strip like that, don't worry next weekend I'm taking over the game. Be prepared you will not see me I'm sly with my moves!!
Wait wait Yasmin were you in Liverpool Street last night?
That's the message I just got!
You have lost weight GIRL.

Listen you cannot phone me, so stop sending me bullshit!
I told you next weekend I'm taking over. Ha ha ha xx