What is on your mind right now?

Were you on Somnet and also Basra beat you by 10 years.
I used to on and off lurk there but made an account much later than when I used to lurk. Some of the posters on there were knowledgeable about history, clan demographics and genetics so I googled and lurked to see if they knew anything I might have missed. This would have possibly been around 2010-2012 ish, maybe earlier.

And shush. Don't compare me to an ayeeyo.


King Khufu

Dignified Gentlemen
Were you on Somnet?
Yes, I think all of us real ones on here all used to read on Somnet before signing up here.
Mhm, true facts, Yup Yup!

She is on my mind :noneck:
Know the feeling (all too well) when a certain chica (or two, heh, maybe) is on your mind non-stop and it becomes a mystery.
[what they upto? who they with? I hope they being good but are they being naughty? Are they there for me or are they clout ho'ing outchea for the streets to eat? It's backstabbing me to over think this much lol.]

So keep it simple instead of simping: So really is that chick mine? Nope! Maybe not mane.
Can't worry about nothing you don't got, cause if she ain't yours then them kind of chicks can't love you no how.
so you'll be better off just living stress free off by not worrying about it.

Learn from me: Even if the "love" is there, they not in a position to be there full-time, then they don't want it. Not cool, curving any cute chick that's not in it for me in the long run haul.

So next time when they cross your mind, nigga you got to mentally just go full street runners on your own head and be like "yeah nigga I ain't worried about shit. She ain't mine but thanks for the time" [For me my catchphrase is: I'm FREE] Tie up a chick out your thoughts quick because I rather not fall for time wasters and their corny stuff. Ain't no ring on her finger right? Okay then!

Not worried about who taken when there's plenty of honest single women out there that don't want to contracept theirself from relationship to seal open their legs to the next one, instead rather cherish a brother's time by living a more honest steady pace kind of life. That I accept.

Because nobody wants to be that kind of guy that don't make the woman happy in the long run working too hard instead of just being smart.
Right now current mood: Forget it. Not caring at all anymore, cause I said fk 'em bro.


With great power comes great electricity bill
I set myself back a few years and dropped the humanities shit. Not a bad idea considering everyone is learning through zoom calls rn.

@Nak-Muay-Kru The STEM meme is real bro
I think that Allah wants me to do better. Aim higher and not lower my standards. It’s really the only explanation.

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Thought it was about your marriage search for a second :icon lol: