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Some people know there time is coming soon. Yessir, Lord indeed have no envy. Hate me now?
#WhatNigga #WhatNow
i'm very fickle i get bored of having the same profile pic for more than 2 days:wow:


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why are there all these goofy people who have to be outlandish in every post? is it depression, boredom, attention? they need to have the weirdest names, weirdest profile pictures, new personas, constantly announcing their new identity crisis every week, and have to bring up that crisis in every post in some way or another.


بىَر غىَل إيؤ عآنؤ لؤ
Were you on Somnet and also Basra beat you by 10 years.

I used to on and off lurk there but made an account much later than when I used to lurk. Some of the posters on there were knowledgeable about history, clan demographics and genetics so I googled and lurked to see if they knew anything I might have missed. This would have possibly been around 2010-2012 ish, maybe earlier.

And shush. Don't compare me to an ayeeyo.

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