What is on your mind right now?

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Dhulbahate for life!! Love you
I think I'm one of those girls who look like catfishes when they put on makeup
At least I'm on this elite status when I try :mjlol:
Looks don't mean anything sweetie, just be true to yourself! You can go from a 2 to 10 with makeup, please don't do that to your mind.Also don't use filters on your pictures, it gives you a false sense of security. Stay blessed babyluv xxx
Good luck to everyone, I'm not taking no bloody vaccine. Side note UK ...

Make sure you have a mask in your bag/ pocket in 3 days or else you cannot go shopping. Love you all XX
Michael Brooks who I occasionally followed died at age 37. :wow1::mjcry:

I remember the last thing I saw was an interview about his new book. Michael Brooks had really insightful stuff to say with good humor, one of the genuine political commentators.


Bantu Liberation Movement
Michael Brooks who I occasionally followed died at age 37. :wow1::mjcry:

That one hit me hard. I was watching the majority report when they cut it short and people were speculating what happened.
So now the world has gone mad??
I stand by everyone that speak their truth.
I'm not crazy but I agree with some of the things that Kanye and wylie have said . My boy from tower Hamlets spoke some real shit and I'm not just saying this because I know some of his friends and family. Sometimes you need to think outside the box mate! He was right when he said Stamford hill, they have their own police, ambulance and hospital. I know this because I used to live around the corner. Grew up in Hackney, born in Tower Hamlets.
Freedom of speech..
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