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Very strange shit happened today. I was at this shop and saw a Somali woman there with two kids, she was first speaking to the kids in Af-Somali, then when saw me she started speaking to the kids in some weird ass Ethiopian sounding language (it wasn't Tigray or Amharic, possible it was Oromo, but have no way of knowing).

Multi-Cushitic speaking Somalis, wtf. o_O:deadpeter::deadmanny:


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@AarHawd_7 warya what ends chunkz is from I heard he used to be on roads and dat back in the day my g :pachah1:
Woah, is Amzy your daughter? Are you doing damage control now?


Hire a professional PR firm waryaa, don't come onto Somalispot like that and think this is going to stem the backlash she is receiving. I refuse to comment of the specifics of the allegations against her.
Then Amus you bloody idiot. Adiós
I will be marching on Mogadishu with my forces when the current Presidents allocated term runs out. My forces will not allow a single days extension to his term just because he deems it fit.

We are going back to 1991 ADEER
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