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So now the world has gone mad??
I stand by everyone that speak their truth.
I'm not crazy but I agree with some of the things that Kanye and wylie have said . My boy from tower Hamlets spoke some real shit and I'm not just saying this because I know some of his friends and family. Sometimes you need to think outside the box mate! He was right when he said Stamford hill, they have their own police, ambulance and hospital. I know this because I used to live around the corner. Grew up in Hackney, born in Tower Hamlets.
Freedom of speech..


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I met a diaspora Tuareg today from Niger, :lol:, never thought I would as they are kind of rare.

Ironically he asked if I was Somali, meanwhile I thought he was an Indian at first, was I off. :snoop:

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Feels like this site has some ex-Somalis. Every time I call for qabil unity and dignity, there's always a few people upset. It's like you use one hand to help your people and the other to fight them off. :mjdontkno:
This video is almost two years old but I just now realised that Somalis can make better use of cows, since there is more demand for camel milk.