What is on your mind right now?

Nah u gonna have to hold the qashin
for sour cream glazed my nigga but Boston cream is goated
Goofy ass nigga has no taste buds don't quote me again if you just gonna type some bs. I swear @ any Canadian nigga and they know that sour cream glazed is goated


King Of NSFW
I'm coming out of the anime closet f*ck it I'm addicted smh I'm 24 and a weaboo my biggest shame. Alx I atleast got it off my chest tho:tocry:
Thinking about how women just bleed out of their genitalia quarter of a month every month. Lol wild concept. Like you’re just wearing a diaper every 30days collecting the blood of your would’ve been child lol
Right now i am trolling Hard would you be interested to join me?

Whothagat othagis yothagour nothagame? (What is your name?)