What is on your mind right now?

In an effort to make friends, I hanged out with some raggedy ass people tonight. Lord, the ghetto! I am shaking omg! Sooo gheeettotooo
I just found out Canada has their milk in bags... just why?

Everybody pray that Yasmin Adam Gulaid doesn't go down for a M Charge! Holloway is closed I think it's now in Kent.
It hasn't happened yet! On Allah I will kill someone today.

Just keep praying! Xxxx


I met a friend’s cousin and the first thing she asked me is if I’d gotten a nose job. I misheard her and thought she was asking for nose drops *confused*, but she explained that a lot people in her country (Iran) get nose jobs for a nose like mine. I told her a lot of people in my background have my nose, and she acted surprised. It took me pulling up pictures of me w/ my siblings/family for her to believe me.

I’ve gotten comments on my nose before, but no one ever point blank asked me if it was a job.
Where should i go for a solo holiday.?
ramadan/ Eid in istanbul (or Maybe its better to spend eid with the fam).
or visit friends in Spain.


Bah Qabiil Fluid
Love is not the satisfaction of a chemical reaction but the sensation of neural networks Quantum entangled electromagnetic radiation. Different chemical mixtures create different insight 4 quantum entangled light to unfurl the epigenetics hidden within my genetic code to Ti[×]me to mass.Time = Ti me to mass so I can exist in times construct. Tie my spark of light that is real light to a chromosome so I can exist in a constructed timezone at the eve of my creation when my father's Adam's