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Some random habayar is trying to set me up with her kid I'm going to scream. What gives this aunty confidence to approach me unprovoked like this ?Why are you adversting your daughther like a 3 Bedroom apartment in belgravia? I don't care if we are the same reer or area or whatever. It's going to be a tiring couple of days


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Finally saw the movie Joker from last year! Here are my thoughts...

Yeah, I think the film did a fantastic job of creating the perfect villain. From my personal take, a true villain isn't just ultra powerful or intimidating but one that shows people the evil within us all. One that walks a perfect line between relatability and derangement, This Joker is the embodiment of that, as everyone in one way or another has felt that oppressive force of social expectations (especially from Somali parents lol) or felt that hopeless of the social ladder. We've all felt wronged in some form. Joker embodies that dark sick fantasy that we all have (some to lesser extents) in which we wonder what it'd be like if we finally snapped and simply let go of all our restrictions/rules

At the end of the day it's still a movie about the horrors of society neglecting mental illness disguised as a superhero flick with great acting, Joaquin Phoenix is balaayo

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My sleep schedule is out of whack and I'm not making any moves on fixing it. So much for new year, new me

General Asad

And What Is Not There Is Always More Than There.
White people really have no empathy or insight into life. Other than the outcasts or nerds, they are all one and the same. Once you meet one, you met them all. I'll be so elated when they're gone.....

At least other races have redeeming qualities..

They make my blood BOIL.....
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