What is on your mind right now?

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Did you laugh when she said that? Be honest
Involuntary eyeroll. Midget doesn’t have anything resembling the context/history of the N word. Even the word “retard” makes more sense for mentally challenged people to be offended about than the word “midget” does for her.



Nikkitutorials is trans. I fuxking clocked it. A prominent YTber has been pretending to be female, until someone threatened to blackmail her/him. She didn’t tell her bf she was a man previously.
Trying to figure out how I can gain back the interest of certain someone :hmm:
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Also, drank my very first cup of coffee today..wasn't a bad experience at all :obama:
Hey guys, so I'm here to promote a Somali take away because the Somali Brother told me to tell everyone.

If you are ever in Upton Lane, Forest Gate make sure you visit. I didn't eat in there as I already went to a Turkish Restaurant for lunch.

I went there to buy Halwad for my dessert and there Halwad is better than Wembley, sorry but it's the truth.

Only the Shaanshis can make it properly..
I had a REALLY REALY GREAT day! I’m so happy right now!!! I can’t even deallll omg 2020 has been sooooo freaking good to me so far:it0tdo8:
I snapped mate! It was coming!!
As the Father of my beautiful Children!!
Remember we went through the wars, it's not war now! Help your babymother! Who's homeless and in 30k Debt.
To everyone reading this, I don't ask him for nothing and there's no beef.
Everybody laughed at moi when I said it's £5 to go to Denmark. Okay luv! It's gone up to a tenner now, still cheaper than getting a Uber up the road.
Eddo Yasmin Gulaid is on her way! insha'Allah, look after ayeeyo before get there.
Don't worry your sister is fine, because I'm looking after her. Xx
I have 7 numbers!
Oi Coy
The Somalis are going to knock you out for me pirates style.
You seriously f*ck up, when my people are helping me.
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