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Honestly, I am sort of fed up with this fixation on "people should be happy"....

I don't really care if people are happy.... even if I'm happy doesn't really matter...... what matters is whether or not Allah is happy....

"whatever makes people happy" and all the emphasis on people's happiness being important- I don't agree with that at all......

whether people are happy or not is not really important.... what matters is if Allah is happy.... who cares if people (including me) are happy.... people who do drugs can be happy.... happiness in the moment won't save people's souls.... people's happiness (including mine) isn't really important... I think the emphasis on happiness is just a thinly veiled rationalization for hedonism... I think it logically leads to hedonism... whereas rising above the fixation on happiness can lead to virtue and good morals... virtuous people are not constantly focused on their own happiness imo.... and people who are constantly focused on their own happiness are not virtuous imo.....


It's too damn HOT!
No other chips have topped this one yet, its soooooo gooood :nvjpqts:

I told you Cuzz you saw that live!
Everyone loves Yasmin
Friday we can do this and don’t f*ck Up in your sleep!
To the rest of the Family he saw how much people love Yasmin xx
Im just tired of life


I am 27. I thought I had the world figured out at your age. Then LIFE took control and THREW me into the choppy seas.

I too struggle with Suicidal ideation, but 4 very different reasons. What ever trials you are going through, understand that you still have your YOUTH to make a difference for YOURSELF.

LIVE LIFE FOR YOU. DON'T PUT YOURSELF ON HOLD TO PLEASE OTHERS. And if they call you "selfish" because of that, remember that this world IS NOT FAIR and that you owe no one NOTHING. Not even ur family as you never asked to be born.

Your 20s are going to be WILD, AWESOME, CRAZY, FUN, and SCARY.

Wait until your my age, and come to your conclusion then. But you're still just a kid.

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