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Jake from State Farm

We pro xalimo all 2019


:kodaksmiley: @Sheikh you guys are some lucky people
So who am I apologising to?
You're coming to me like I have some influence on the Somali youths!
Nah sort your our house out before you come for me.
Because I don't give a shit I'll play it again.
So I’m walking down the road thinking to myself where is everyone?
England is playing I’m on the Phone to my Friend and he told me it’s Nil nil, next minute I walked around the corner and saw everyone!
I told them straight England is out the World Cup in 2 Rounds
Their all outside the Pub, one of my old school friends told me I’ve got a fiver on both yas.


Who the fuck am I? ギくェズー
Strong women are the only ones worth going for. Weak women generally have low self esteem, and as a result require validation and attention. A strong woman is a challenge and expects you to be a strong man. As you build yourself up to be, and she accepts you as such, you'll know that you have a woman who will love you and only you. May Allah grant me a beautiful and strong wife when I have all my affairs in order.


+op MVLI
If you leaving for good. Duces fam.

You been a real nigga :salute:

I might be leaving soon. Haven’t fully decided this place is a little bit more enjoyable than Twitter.
Natural order of things, time to move on.

Lowkey you're one of my fav posters. And don't forget, Yibir are the coolest malis. Y'all do magic , you're Harry Potter oo kale kkkkkk
We overestimate how good non-somalis of the opposite gender are and will hype them up while ignoring the good qualities of our own gender and focusing on the bad qualities. What is this phenomenon called? I see this playing out in almost every ethnicity/race.

We honestly need to learn more about others before making these quick blanket statements about our communities.. Seriously everyone's got problems.