What I find attractive in a person, what makes a successful relationship?


Raw Hard Truth
I know relationship topics are boring as f*ck, but I feel this can help Somalis who are delving into the world of romance.

I operate on a three tier system, and I hope you all too.
  • Looks:Attractiveness, do I wanna smash you? :lolbron:
  • Personality: Do we resonate with each other? Do our values match? Can I speak to you on a calm Sunday afternoon and watch the clouds go by together? Can we crack jokes or potentially have heated debates about our favorite topics? :ahh:
  • Future goals: Are you a bum brokey broke loser? Or nah? You have things you want to achieve? Cool I do too... :cosbyhmm:

Unless a person satisfies all 3, then the emotion called "Love" is unlocked and so is my undying loyalty, but if they don't have all 3.... I don't truly like them, I would just keep them around in case I'm bored, or I would use the shit out of them. Or downgrade them to friend status.

So far in my life only 2 people met all 3 standards..... the last one I would have married if I had the chance, but I can live with out them. We were the right people but at the wrong time and moment :snoop:

But the Somalis I do SEE, don't really have a lot of standards, I feel at a certain point somalis settle down with anyone whose basically not homeless, and to SATISFY THEIR PARENTS EXPECTATIONS.
But then they end up divorced.

But sometimes you gotta take the Divorce in order to become a better person, just walk it off and be glad you can try again.

My Advice, have standards, have no regrets, put yourself and your values first, and always thank God for the opportunity and the love you had, some people never will know what that emotion feels like. Always be humble.