1. Sonder

    Jaceyl (true love)

    Do you believe in it? And if you do, what do you consider to be true love? I was thinking bout this poem about true love and it made me curious about your opinions on it.

    Leetos first date

    I put nettles all over my face to convince the teacher i was ill, so i could meet a girl in the graveyard behind the school :banderas: it was worth it vvallhi
  3. Daacad90


    As a hopeless romantic, these scenes got my feeling some type of way... I am blushing I need those cheesy moments in my life. I have got high standards I can't be with an abdi cause y'all faraaxs are so romantically dry af, doesn't sunnah say to be romantic to your spouse! Y'all always be...
  4. IftiinOfLife

    What I find attractive in a person, what makes a successful relationship?

    I know relationship topics are boring as f*ck, but I feel this can help Somalis who are delving into the world of romance. I operate on a three tier system, and I hope you all too. Looks:Attractiveness, do I wanna smash you? :lolbron: Personality: Do we resonate with each other? Do our values...
  5. oramiya

    It's Official- Somali Women are Done with Somali Men

    It's official. Somali women are officially DONE with Somali men. It seems like as the days go by, more and more Somali women in our generation are saying no to Abdi and getting into committed relationships and marriages with Tyrone and Aaron. Tbqh, I don't know any young, Somali woman under the...