What do you guys think of somaliweyn?


one step at a time
first fix ur own state then u help out ur neighbour and make peace with ur enemy klans
no point in day dreaming if u can't co exist or bring peace to ur own home
Somaliweyne could form but through confederacy, that way we can weave in djibouti but for now just clean and build your tuulo up, Somaliweyne is a dead project, i dont even think we inhabit those large areas in galbeed anymore.
Could you name those areas?
Niggas are talking about Somaliweyn when your president can't even leave Villa Somalia without being groped by one of his Amisom Soldiers. Talk about misplace priorities

Nafiso Qalanjo

𝖂𝖊'𝖗𝖊 𝖌𝖔𝖎𝖓𝖌 𝖙𝖔 𝖜𝖆𝖗 𝖇𝖆𝖇𝖞!
inshallah Somaliweyn will happen. Its what our ancestors and founding fathers fought for. When Somalia becomes stable somaliweyn will be more possible, but right now fixing Somalia is and should be the only priority than dreaming about Somaliweyn.
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Somali region is in a better position than Somalia at this point. The sole focus should be everyone focusing on there specific region you cant have someone from the south talk about fighting with countries when AS a militia comprised of coerced children is besting the national army.

As for Somaliweyn it’s definitely possible these are poor africans not established european countries only a real loser would think they are some impossible obstacle. God protect me.

The one place I doubt will ever come back though is Djibouti one subclan will not be able to hold off Canfar forever. It wont be long until they hold the presidency and fashion Djibouti into an Canfar stronghold. They already hold most of the land and are welcomed in the city.
I'm a believer in a light Somaliweynism. Alliances on some key critical issues that impact all Somalis (e.g. demographic changes in Somali deegans). Working on shared socioeconomic & infrastructure developments where possible. Exchange of information where possible. This extends to all Somali native lands and not merely the nation state of Somalia.
It saddens me and I hate to say but SomaliWeyne is dead. Let’s be completely honest it’s been dead for 30 years.

Foreign powers have been dividing us ever since Colonialism when Somalis were divided by The Italians,The French and The British.

We were in harmony post colonialism but it was short lived then the brutal civil war happened and once again it divided us.

Balkanization is unfortunately happening:
NFD given to Kenya
Ogadeniya given to Ethiopia
Djbouti became independent
SL actively pushing for independence
PL/JL indirectly pushing for sovereignty

We need to spread inter-clan love among the Somali people. Enemy clans should be forced to send their clan elders to meet and share chocolates and kisses by the federal government. National matchmaking program for young singles all over Somali lands to meet and fall in love.

Wasiirka Jaceylka Dadka Somaaliyeed ha laa iiga dhigo. In 5 years I would make Somalis the most lovey-dovey, peaceful people on the planet. Pump serotonin in the air, water and food.
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Look at the ethnic borders that are currently outside somalia. Its mainly in Kenya, Ethiopia, and Djibouti. So how would we get the land back? They aren't going to give it to us politely, so maybe we go to war and not at this time though. We can defeat them a lone one by one. But do you really thing the world is going to watch us conquer ethiopia? Especially the christian world and also dont forget the arabs. All the wars we had with ethiopia yemen, libya and the gulf were either directly fighting for them or financially. So you have to ask yourself are ready to fight the world?

We cant fight kenya either because israel supports them and if you are friends with israel you are friends with america, so they wont sit by either. So again are we ready to take on the world?

Now djibouti is different, these are technically our people but do you really think the Americans, , japanese, chinese, italians are all gonna abonden their bases in the most important waterway in the world?

Sadly somaliweyn won’t form in our lifetime:jcoleno:
Somaliweyn is the main reason why somalia was formed. It's the dream that our founding fathers had and we will get there inshallah.
Don't despair, Somaliweyn is our destiny