What books are you currently reading?

Read them years ago when I was 14
But I'm back at it again

1984 George Orwell would die from a heart attack if he saw the state of the big brother aka government is in now and how much power they have and the cctv capital of the world being London truly a mind boggling thing it would be for him to live in these times he could never imagine how fucked humanity is now and how we are all slaves to the capitalistic system
George jackson soledad brother(through audiobook)
frantz fanon wretched of the earth
In Praise of Idleness by Bertrand Russell(through audiobook)
Anarcho-syndicalism: Theory and Practice" by Rudolf Rocker(through audiobook)
The Prince - Nicolo Machiavelli
Ecology and Revolutionary Thought- Murray Bookchin
Minimanual of the urban guerilla- Carlos Marighella
Nestor Makhno on Revolutionary Unity
Are We Good Enough" by Pyotr Kropotkin

This is the books or essays i read this past two months after my return, Im starting to becoming heavily interested in alternative ways of running a civilization, Especially into anarchist thought and the rojava revolution in syrias way of creating a new society


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