What books are you currently reading?

Omar del Sur

علم السلف > علم الخلف

the history of El Salvador from a Communist point of view with cartoon pictures.......

I've also been reading these two


not only did this book not convince me that Putin is a hero fighting the NWO.... I am very convinced that he is NOT a hero fighting the NWO and I think he's in fact a pawn of the NWO........... very weak book from MS King but illustrates the pro-Putin viewpoint......


this one is really really good.....

I really recommend this for anyone reading

MS King knocks it out the park with this one imo......

I think this book clearly and overwhelming illustrates that the global warming hoax is just a bunch of nonsense.....

and that not only is it a hoax but it's also a Communist hoax designed to further a Communist agenda

I think the book is a very strong weapon against the Thunbergites who probably eventually will try to bully you into believing the ideology of their cult


Hehe, you can get an e-reader these days and torrent most new books. I personally like e-readers, but some people prefer physical books.
I’ll give it a try even tho I like physical books. :nvjpqts:
just finished listening to orphan x series 6 books, (audible) moving on to jack Reacher series, but in between ill be listening to Tom woods the victor assassin series...


「Immortal Sage」| Qabil-fluid
The Social Animal

The Complacent Class

I don't know if I should post the rest. Nobody is interested in the books I read

Omar del Sur

علم السلف > علم الخلف
Just got through this one:

imo you are missing out if you have not read this

I'd been wanting to read this for a long time and it was a very informative book.... before I got my hands on it I almost couldn't believe the conclusion that the book was arguing for.... but the evidence the author presents is very, very conclusive imo