What books are you currently reading?


Not much of a reader but I'm starting to like it.
I'm reading How Free Is Free?The Long Death of Jim Crow atm.


Bored to death

The Little Book of Annoying Questions: Understanding the Coming New American Revolution and an Unexpected Generation.

I was on a flight to Denver about 2 months ago and sitting next to me was a college professor who recommended this book. I'm not disappointed.


President - Sexaholics Anonymous, Ohio chapter
A book titled "The path to circumvent Idman's blue Nile river "
Hawking radiation and black hole thermodynamics..comparing the three laws of thermodynamics to the three laws of Steven Hawkings theory Hawking radiations and black holes.
Behind my atheism?

If I were to blame a philosopher/author it would have to be Camus.

Annnnnd, never do psychedelics if you value your deen.