What books are you currently reading?


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Just finished a very nice book that goes into detail about international qabil politics.
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Duly recommend it if you wanna understand why the U.S lost its wars in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Also gives great insight into the roots of Democratic and Republican tension inside the United States. Qabil isn't only a thing that plagues Somalia; tribal politics exists everywhere and affects everyone. This book tells us how to truly understand qabilism and how to combat it. A+ on Amy Chua's part, truly, this was put quite handsomely.
This is on my to read list, heard some good things about it.
what is it about bro?
It’s a empirical study on how, even though people are on socially the same lvl they still find a away to discriminate against each other. And that the most studies focus on social difference like Race, Income and such and that in this case those indicators fall away.. it’s hard to describe
This in my opinion is a book every Somali should read.

Somalia: between devils and deep sea

By: Mohaned Osman Omar

It talks about the Civil War (1991-2004) from what lead to it and how Ethiopia (especially Meles Zenawi) played major role in the mess Somalia became.


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I haven't finished my book but still a good start. The author talks about the people of the Upper Egypt, especially the Copt-Catholics who are a minority among the minority of Copts. They are about 400,000 and they live mostly in the rural zone and they are very poor and they are farmers. The Egyptian government doesn't care about them since the nineteenth century and these people are stereotyped as "undereducated, poor, etc". Unlike Copt-orthodox, they are not rich. Their history is fascinating and I'll keep posting as I'm reading more about the book.


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Hey Apollo,

Did you read this book in full? What was the main theme, and what was their conclusion and fix?
I listened to his podcast on Joe Rogan (search for Jonathan Haidt on JRE on YT), on there he pretty much revealed the main premise of his book. I haven't read it yet, but from the sound of it seems like a good one.