What are you listening to at the moment?


Nine kitaabs on a bookshelf
For sure bro, that track and this one I linked below was on my rotation constantly in the early 2000s. I was too young to understand the lyrics fully, but old enough to realize how big of bangers they were. kkkkkkk wallahi these tracks take me way back to the days when id come home from school and go on yahoo music to listen to music and go on MSN messenger.

:banderas: sxb walahi u just took me back. that was literally me in the early 2000's, nothing but yahoo music and MSN. speaking of yahoo music, walahi that joint put me on to so much music caadi ma aheen. some of my favorite songs i found on there. and they were songs that you wouldn't see on BET and shit or if u did it would be much later. you would just put it on shuffle and just sit back :ahh:.

wouldnt say i was too young tho, i was around 7th/8th grade when that song came out. i used to print out lyrics back when internet was hard to come by. i had a big ass wad of lyrics that i folded up and put under my bed. i think i knew more lyrics than my dugsi cashar fam :chrisfreshhah:


xalimo ciyarta naga dhaaf ee iska soo noqo..qumayo yahay :comeon::comeon:
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