What are you listening to at the moment?



Ciyaal rap, tan ayaa la dhageestaa Hadii kale hees waala iska daayaba.


50 uhhh bentley uhhhh. Idc this song is way better than In Da Club, 14 years later and my opinion still hasn't changed

[Verse 2: French Montana]
Made my first hundred off the blow
Then I made my first mill with Ross
Now you catch me with Diddy flexin'
From the South Bronx countin' up my blessings
Montana be the king of the slow flow
'Fore I bagged Coco(khloekardashian), bagged coco(cocaine)
All black Maybach through the block
In the back, me, Diddy and Sanaa
Just had to just see my nigga Chinx drop
All-black, off-white with the mink top
44 to your three-quarter tank top
Real niggas still pull up by Frank shop
Chapter 37, 357
157, hit you with 7
Crack up your rib, lift up your melon
Take off your ski mask and turn into dressing
Hit a nigga with my window closed
And go lay up where the window blow
Mixing pills, mixing liquor
I'm a different kinda nigga, haaannn!



easily fam. one of my goat joints tbh

For sure bro, that track and this one I linked below was on my rotation constantly in the early 2000s. I was too young to understand the lyrics fully, but old enough to realize how big of bangers they were. kkkkkkk wallahi these tracks take me way back to the days when id come home from school and go on yahoo music to listen to music and go on MSN messenger.



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