What are you listening to at the moment?


Ah ok, sounds interesting.. Do you post your beats anywhere or is it just a hobby? And yh, 80s & 90s were def some of the best decades for music :banderas: Hip hop and RnB is amazing, but don't overlook what the rock scene has to offer as well-- I'll post more gems if you wanna give it a chance !
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Thanks for the link. I don't post it online yet since I'm noob level but I'll post it on Soundcloud once I'm proficient enough. And who is this man thou suspects I happen to be :cosbyhmm:
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Which podcasts do you listen to? Put me on to some walaalo. I recently started to Arian Foster's pod. May listen to it regularly :obama:

1.coffee with karim
2.Becoming the alpha muslim( Intended for men bt i still listen LOL)
3.Judge John hodgman(Hilarious)
4.Strangers(Her voice is so engaging)
5.the mad mamluks ( different personalities in one table)
6.Greed for ilm
these are the once i listen to more than others.


Death Awaits You

Back when there was no YouTube, facebook, insta. Life was much fun back then. I remember, after getting out of school, I used to run back home and turn on the tv and wait for my favorite song to come out. f*ck you YouTube, back then you had to do a lot of work to watch your favorite song.