What are you listening to at the moment?

fun fact Ashanti was on da original track on fabs album street dreams but Ashanti couldn't be in the video........ so fab got Tamia who's song was the original sample for fab and Ashanti remix track.... when I was younger I thought Tamia was on fabs track but I found out it was Ashanti lol:lolbron:

heres tamias original track dat beat is a little different den fabs.

heres da remix fab and Ashanti version but Tamia is in da video cuz Ashanti could be in it

my cro nipsey hussles version

Dis track I got on repeat it feels like some old school classic shit:damnmusic: do u fux wit nipsey??

Yeah I knew about that whole ordeal. Still like the original though.

Not too familiar with Nipsey or his version of the track.


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