What are you listening to at the moment?


Shep Tupacs brother
Officially an X stan after this album :wowsweat:

EWWW I just barfed in my mouth how:umwhat: the only emo rappers I can fux wit is dat trippy red kid I can't fux wit uzi even

im a older soul I grew up with my older siblings slapping early 90's and 2000's music heres one of my all time favourites I remember being like 8 years old hearing da track fabolous into you wit Ashanti I was like wtf is this beat the beat is just fire majestic dis is when we had real music.

mase was dat nigga you don't believe in Harlem world nigga double up

2pac banger still I rise dis is probably my favourite pac track da beat is my mood 24/7

When im sliding on my opps :fredo: dis is my ride out track momma raised hell razor 2pac ayy f*ck lil xan ayy im shep tupacs brother look at my avatar.... 2pac raised us ayy f*ck lil xan and all da emo rappers except tripppy red

Az one of my favs



Nas 1st track best track he ever had in my opinion da beat is mood some old school classic shit


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Shep Tupacs brother
I sometimes hate my older siblings generation they had great music Roger and zapp were way before they're time

@Pirate all good songs, but keep your old man opinions to yourself:manny:

im 21 how old are you twerpette? and are you really bantu?

and one more thang hold daaaaat!! ya twerpette.... some oldschool classic shit :damnmusic: socrates philosophy and hypothesi..... dis when we had real music sometimes I get jealous of my older brothers generation they were listening to dis while we got mumbling and singing no bars

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Shep Tupacs brother
@GeelJirito That SWV song is everything. :it0tdo8:

@Pirate I'm an old soul too, I used to love that Fabolous song when I was a kid, but I liked the original version with Tamia way better.

fun fact Ashanti was on da original track on fabs album street dreams but Ashanti couldn't be in the video........ so fab got Tamia who's song was the original sample for fab and Ashanti remix track.... when I was younger I thought Tamia was on fabs track but I found out it was Ashanti lol:lolbron:

heres tamias original track dat beat is a little different den fabs.

heres da remix fab and Ashanti version but Tamia is in da video cuz Ashanti could be in it

my cro nipsey hussles version

Dis track I got on repeat it feels like some old school classic shit:damnmusic: do u fux wit nipsey??



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