What are some physical/personality traits you absolutely will not tolerate in a woman?

I get you but let me give you the issues you'll find yourself in if you get yourself a virgin husband, these are thing are but not limited to:

1. Premature Ejaculation.
2. Really long refractory period.
3. Doesn't know how to connect with you.
4. Doesn't know how to enjoy you.
5. May hurt you during sex.
6. May find some things abnormal/off putting; e.g. your body odour, smell of your vagina etc..

My cousin from Sweden got hooked up with a girl when he was 19, this nigga hasn't even watched porn in his life. 3 months into the marriage, the girl was complaining to her sisters, which got passed on to his sisters. And 7 months into the marriage he divorced her because she farted while she was asleep and couldn't get "hard" for her anymore. Like this nigga put the lights on, woke her up, left the room, got an air freshener, opened the windows and made a big fuss out of it lol

Obviously this isn't every religious/virgin guy but I'm showing you that kind of absurd shit you may have to deal with if the nigga doesn't have any experience.

Edit: Walahi one my close friends is a religious guy and he's never been with any girl. You should see some of the things that comes out of his mouth, he's the kind of guy that wouldn't know how to please a woman but would expect her to get wet and stuff, and if she doesn't it's her fault.
Somali man divorced his wife because she farted in her sleep wallahi some these religious guys are beyond sick does he not fart as well and the crazy thing is I'm in the states and I know religious guys like this I know a dude who divorced his wife because she has mole a smooth mole on her left ass cheek he said it looks to weird the shape of it he was a paki tho



jUst keeping it REAL homie
What are some physical/personality traits you absolutely will not tolerate in a woman. For example: crooked teeth, bad bread, big ego etc.
I like light skin/ caramel skin girls with good wide jawlines 👌🏾 I cant tolerate a receding chin or really dark skin
What I can't tolerate is attitude. If she comes with attitude then she belongs in the trash. Gabdho with kibir need a slap.


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If the smell of her vagina don't make me salivate and eat her pussy out like a ripe peach, then I don't want it.
Salmon oo la shiilay wax ka fiican malahan. Who could pass on that seasoned juice?