Were your grandparents polygamous?


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ofc im not corruption and the desire for money will even lead these supposed pious people to throw out their morals and use and twist gods will and words in order to gain social economical or political power
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I have two wives now and four in total of my lifetime but not all of them at the same time. Matter fact I never had more than two at once. The first one who we still together +1.

Me and my other two formers mutually ended our matrimony due to irreconcilable differences but remain respectful towards each other.
:wow:but boy, does the absence make the heart grow fonder:mjcry: outchea reminiscing


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I feel for them grandpas. They worked hella hard for Somalis to be as many as they could get only for qabyaalad to ruin it for them. FeelsBadMan
My paternal awoowe had 3 wives, his father had 4 wives, and my maternal awoowe had 2 wives.

As we all know having multiple wives carrying your seed makes your brood laandheere. :ahh:

I am personally going Galkaayo iyo Garoowe winter break i'A I will see some girls. I am just 20 rn but I need to start my own juffo. :banderas::ahh:

How about y'all, were your grandparents polygamous or monogamous?
My grandmother died in 1986 and later my grandfather married 4 women