Were your grandparents polygamous?


Suldaanka Beesha Biciidyahan
My paternal awoowe had 3 wives, his father had 4 wives, and my maternal awoowe had 2 wives.

As we all know having multiple wives carrying your seed makes your brood laandheere. :ahh:

I am personally going Galkaayo iyo Garoowe winter break i'A I will see some girls. I am just 20 rn but I need to start my own juffo. :banderas::ahh:

How about y'all, were your grandparents polygamous or monogamous?


Suldaanka Beesha Biciidyahan
My maternal grandpa had two wives but clearly favored my grandma :dabcasar:
same. my awoowe had 2 or 3 non Majeerteen wives but out of all of them he kept his MJ xaas for his whole life.

I descend from the MJ wife
My paternal grandfather had 6 wives during his lifetime, his father also had 6 during his lifetime, obviously not all at once.
My maternal grandfather had around 4 in his lifetime I believe.


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