1. SultanYusuf

    Were your grandparents polygamous?

    My paternal awoowe had 3 wives, his father had 4 wives, and my maternal awoowe had 2 wives. As we all know having multiple wives carrying your seed makes your brood laandheere. :ahh: I am personally going Galkaayo iyo Garoowe winter break i'A I will see some girls. I am just 20 rn but I need...
  2. Abdisamad

    Ladies, suppose you have the three following options

    Suppose you met a guy, after you get to know him you find out he is the man of your dreams, you fall in love. He proposes to you throws you an expensive lavish wedding that would make every xalimo envy you, finally your dream has come true, you are happy madly in love up in the clouds.. After...
  3. Crow

    Holy shit! Qoorqoor's FIFTH wife has FOUR husbands.

    She's an MP from Cabudwaaq. Qoorqoor having five wives is shocking on its own, but the fact that one of his wives has four men in total calling her wife is way too much. :faysalwtf::faysalwtf::faysalwtf:
  4. Genesis

    Modern Problems require Modern Solutions

    Rageedi wallah :denzelnigga: