We are Soomaal not Soomaali


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Stranger: "Oh, are you from Somalia?"

Somali(abdi/xalimo): ""Yes, I'm from Somalia ^bradar/sistar^ :)"

Stranger: "So, you're Somalian. I see"

Somalis(a/x) : No, I'm not Somalian. Call me Somali bleasee"

Stranger: ""But, a person from Somalia is called Somalian, right?"

Somali(a/x): "No, we're called Somali, SOMALI only!!!"

Stranger: "Ok, Somalian. See ya. "

Somali(a/x): "Don't call me Somalian again. Nacatullah caleyk!!!"

Stranger: "Why not?"

Somali(a/x): "Because it sounds like SOME-ALIEN"

Somali(a/x): "YOU'RE A RACIST, NACALAA!!!" "Don't call me an ALIEN!! F****** RACIST!!"

:pachah1: Presenting you "The mysterious Abdi and Xalimo."
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Since I'm not Somali. I can't comment on this. But as a Puntite, we are proud to call ourselves Puntites. Mashallah.
As a Banu Hashim descendant and proud Puntite, I,the Duchess of Bari agree with the Queen of Bari. I am a noble Puntite.


Somali tribes fully settled Somalia in the 1st century AD. Figures like Samaale,Saabe,Darod etr are very old figures who would have lived from 900-500 BC.
any source as far as am concerned somalis are connected to a loose group of people known as the cushites who are much older then somalis and predate them

as far as darood and some other figuers trace their ancestry to arab forefathers so i dont know why you included them i wouldnt call them somali

and their is no evidence of somalis existing in 500 bc thats just fiction