1. CaliTedesse

    I am Soomaal not a Somali - Poem

    I am a Soomaal not a Somali Because a Somaali is to be a baaldi I am so noble I am Soomaal I am so dirty I am a Somali I am so gob I am a Soomaal I am so gun I am a Somali Famine, war, Soo~maa~li Prosperity, peace, Soo~maal That was my short poem I hope you liked it guys Want more poems...
  2. CaliTedesse

    Our Arab brothers are with us

  3. CaliTedesse

    My journey to master the Arabic tongue has begun again

    Salam my fellow brothers and sisters my journey has started again this summer. I will immerse myself in the Arabic language again studying Fus7a and watching Arab Masree shows on Netflix (which were added recently.). My quest to become a full fledged Arabist is still going strong, I love u all...
  4. CaliTedesse

    Inside the Burial Chambers of Sudan’s Royal Pyramids | Kush

    An underwater archaeologist has told the BBC of the extraordinary lengths he went to to access a pharaoh's tomb underneath a pyramid. Pearce Paul Creasman and his team were the first people to go into the tomb for 100 years and, in that time, it has become harder to access because of the rising...
  5. CaliTedesse

    I am liking the sound of Kush

    It rings sweetness to my ears and soul. I just feel part of it. Like I've been seperated from this term for centuries. it is my identity. I am Kush, I breath Kush, I live Kush. My dream is Kush. My life is Kush. I long for Kush. I die for Kush. Who am I? I am Kush. صومال ابن كوش...
  6. CaliTedesse

    My poem for the great Soomaal

    As you all might know my previous poem was for all Arabs wa lakin. This poem is meant for a branch of the Arab race, the Soomaal (not to be confused with Somalians). (...)=not part of poem and explanation Title: I am Soomaal The Soomaal, wa(و) Soomaal wa Soomaal wa Soomaal. My life is...
  7. CaliTedesse

    We are Soomaal not Soomaali

    Soomaali is the wrong word, we are Soomaal. Soomaal baan nahay. Saying Soomaali is linguistically incorrect. The i-suffix is actually Arabic. In essence we are Soomaal.