UK Somali rapper gets a million views

If I behave like a inner black city boy why is that your problem? Go on and promote your qurafaad dh.ilonimo on these little girls which you find normal. Lets see how you would react the day your daughter comes home pregnant with a black baboon.

Adiga arki doona
I don't promote dhilomino. But YOU promote Saaqidnimo.

Dhilonino and saaqidnimo is the same shit and you don't get one without the other.

Gucci mane

Afhayeenka SL
52k views in 3 days is shit

Meanwhile chunkz got half a milly views in a day

And geeyou new song got over 120k in a day
Chunks a YouTube star off course he’s going to get views. Geeyou is only somali Uk rapper I seen get to million views with quick. I will give credit to him but y’all need to stop acting like you guys are first to do it when other somali rappers from different diaspora already been there and done that.

Guys like giggs and skepta go rap with Toronto somali over Uk ones lol


A mere finger can’t obscure the sun.
why is he so skeletal?

This rap thing does not suit Somali guys. They look so marax. Akhas.