1. JudgeJoeGorilla

    Do Any Of You Like Battle-Rap?

    It's not really mainstream, but had a good cultic following on the net. Also, I personally like it and it shows the creativity of our people. BTW, it talks about the struggles of Black and Brown people in the U.S.
  2. 2

    DaBaby steals song from Canadian Xalimo

    Toronto-based artist and songwriter Layla Hendryx isn’t particularly a fan of oft-embroiled rapper DaBaby. She says she had only become aware that he had just released a song whose chorus sounded strikingly similar to elements of an unreleased track of hers (of the same name) because it was...
  3. Abdisamad

    Asli jamming with her xalimo crew

    This one's a banger yo:dj: @BlackJack can you and your crew beat this :sass2:
  4. B

    Best Somali Rapper?

    Going through youtube and i'm seeing a lot of Somalis making tracks in Toronto & Minnesota. My favorite has to be MO-G. This track in particular has a positive message and apparently it had 2M views but the original video got deleted.
  5. TopTutsi

    Ottawakkk malis blowin up

    All my niggas from Ottawa listen to twotiime and them other sudanese niggas. I cant lie his songs are nice and I hope he blows up but everytime he talks about gunshots and shit I cringe badly:comeon: Since that sudanese nigga died (LLM) niggas from the Westside act like they on it when Soutside...
  6. Odkac WRLD

    Most underrated tape of all

    All the blogs violated this tape. One person said it’s trash, and everyone fell along with it. Pack mentality. WRLD On Drugs by Future and Juice WRLD was one of the best rap albums of 2019- a particularly weak year for rap. Banger after banger with some wavy ass beats.’ BEST TRACKS 7AM...
  7. L

    Rest in Power, Pop Smoke!

  8. Odkac WRLD

    Shmurda’s big homie drops fire new remix of Auntie.

    @Shmurda’s big homie Debby recently dropped a fire remix of WhyG’s Auntie after removing her foot from Lil Tjay’s neck. they need to kick Houdini off for her. Anyways here’s the video Shmurda Big Homie aka DebbyGang4Life remix of Auntie let me know what you think of her verse @0:32
  9. Odkac WRLD

    Hip Hop Power Ranking of 2019-2020

    Based off DJ Akademiks tier list I’m going to rank these rappers popularity and hugeness from 2019-2020 in tiers. Tier 1 is top of the game, tier 4 are popular up and comers. Since this is 2019-2020 artists who have passed in this time (Juice wrld and popsmoke will be included)...
  10. Canjeero45

    Somalispot official rap competition

    give me some ideas https://vocaroo.com/
  11. Odkac WRLD

    New music tonight

    Y’all listening to that new G herbo tape or Lil baby’s tape tonight Herbo tape will have Juice WRLD, Lil Uzi, Chance the Rapper, A Boogie, Durk,21 , and polo g From what I can tell, right now a Juice hook is worth more than gold so I got high expectations for this one baby’s tape will likely...
  12. Odkac WRLD

    A new path in my life

    Guys and gals it’s official I’m becoming a rapper I’ve produced some shitty songs on SoundCloud through FL studio, but music is a hidden talent of mine. I will be independent , and expecting support from the Somali community. If y’all wanna hear some bars , no writtens, ask away :salute...
  13. Odkac WRLD

    They really thought Nipsey Hussle was Somalian kkkk

    No one can tell us Somalis aren’t famous around the world. Interview from the late nipsey hussle talking about his home... @3:05 dude straight up asks if he is from Somalia kkk
  14. Odkac WRLD

    Freestyle chain

    I’m gonna start with two lines of rhymes, then everyone add 1 or 2 bars and change rhymes/scheme when it reaches 4 bars... ex) Duck Luck f*ck Cuck then bob Slob Knob Cob except instead of words they are sentences I’ll begin : On malawax I’m geeked shorty Can’t feel my teeth shorty.....
  15. Odkac WRLD

    Popsmoke new tape

    Wlhi this tape fire as hell my fav tape since so much fun and death race kk reer uk still beats getting destroyed by an American how ya feel kkkkk thoughts on meet the woo vol 2??
  16. Odkac WRLD

    Public Remembrance for Jarad Higgins ( Juice WRLD)

    This man meant a lot to us young men in showing and describing our emotions and mental health. Let us drop some songs we enjoyed by him and pray that hellfire won’t be too damning for him ameen.
  17. Waaqo of Punt

    Reer UK xalimo become LEADING manager at N.A.S.A !!!

    Upocoming rapper. She reminds me of nastexo
  18. A

    UK Somali rapper gets a million views

    Geeyou, i believe he is from north London Grahame Park.
  19. S

    Somali LGBT puts out another fire single/remix

    :z1banet::z1banet::z1banet: We're going out this year on a high @Knowles @AussieHustler @Baki @simulacrum @Emily @Reiko :pachah1:
  20. Tukraq

    Somali rapper from Seattle