Twitter Xaliimo gets shutdown with facts

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Wrong my Daughter is 17 in November and she looks more Somali than me.

My Childers Father is 75% Jamaican 25% White

Everyone single Somali that's met him has said

He's a light Skinned Ethiopian

I corrected them straight

He's Jamaican
She's going to identify with her father's side as she gets older. So she won't consider herself somali, but a Jamaican
No they are running from Somalia the country reputation (nevertheless ending war, pirates, drought) they are looking for greener grass.
Guess I'm not marrying a Somali women any time soon then.
That's another level of high maintenance.

Nightline Kid

Imagine still using this shithole of a website.
She has a point about Somali Soundcloud rappers

They all sound exactly the same, and they're all shit too
I blame feminism & the western system in general that pits men against women and most xalimos have taken the bait hook line & sinker they support every other cause except their own constantly brown nosing I was chatting to a xalimo the other day that was on her way to central London to attend the memorial for the madow that was gunned down in north London by police a while back not too long ago and she had the audacity to ask me to tag along, I declined stating I'm sure she will meet many revert brothers there & she told me one of the organisers was a revert & she follows him on Facebook, I said masha Allah then atleast you won't be on your own you will have company, waa turncoats willing to sellout to whom ever, not all but many.
What's the moral of your story?

You sell out regularly yourself,
To satisfy your needs.

Not open for further replies.