Twitter Xaliimo gets shutdown with facts

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Don't waste your money on a Farax. Just take him out for a walk. It builds commadery. Being in a stuffy restaurant will make him more loopy and asexual than he already is. And OCD about using dessert vs soup spoons.:pachah1:
I didn't turn it into a Somali thing ...
The topic is about the animosity and anger some Somali girls feel towards Somali males. The reason I stated was due to patriarchy and oppression that Somali women face by Somali males.

Help me understand. Are you trying to say their anger is not valid because patriarchy exists everywhere?
Last I remember that double standards (it's not really but) exist in every walk of life, even in the most progressive Western countries. Remember walk?

I don't see why you're trying to turn this into a Somali guy thing, it's a universal phenomenon. There are reasons beyond "men are shit" for why this so called double standard exists and it's lame to blame your own specifically.
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