Turkish Military Base in Somalia,

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Xamar Living
The Turks are a Trojan horse IMO.

Why are they training and equipping multiple factions in Somalia instead of a single one.

They have all the power to refuse to play our little political games.

Seems like they aren't as altruistic as they want us to see them as.

If they really wanted to help us then just 1% of their military forces and intelligence resources could clear out Somalia of all bad actors within a year.

The Turkish people are cool but Erdogan has his own interests. (Laundering money through Somali projects?).
actually the turks are only training is in xmaar.

all the weaponry is also in xamaar


With blood and Iron will we reach the fatherland
SNA is about to get some big guns :russsmug:
:gunsmiley::gunsmiley: clan militias, clan elders, corrupt fufus and Al-Kabab
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