The new generation of USC and their children

Laa xawla wa laa quwata ilaa bilaa. I feel so sorry for those kids. Their fathers have stripped them of their Allah given rights to be raised as decent Muslim/ human beings who contribute positively to their country and the ummah as a whole.


Emperor of Misogyny
Who are they planning to fight :ileycry::ileycry:
it a cage matxh between the various innhabitans of villa somalia right now farmajoo and his crew of 15 battalions of 7 year olds are going up against the minister of banking it a all out assualt winner takes all
It's toy guns, ppl are over reacting, i loved water guns as a kid, let them enjoy childhood so they grow out of it naturally
Sxb in a normal country it’s not that deep but in a country where they are surrounded by guns and violence, I believe there are other more appropriate things (e.g toy cars, planes) the parents could buy for these young children


It’s just children having fun but I am bit concerned at the same time, we need to change the gun culture of Somalia, I believe less violence more competitive games should be introduced and toys gun banned in the process. :)

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