the most beautiful gazelle xaliimo

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Guul ama Dhimasho
My nigga you should start eating it walaahi. your future wifey would be si grateful for it. since i have taught married xalimos about this, most of them told me their sex life was getting better and exciting, half almost wanted to divorce their men over me, few others whom their husbands wont go down asked me if they could pay me do the job as a freelancer. its the lit fam. try it.

heres one of my fav instructions to give prospective would be eaters.

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If you dont do it for your significant other, another man would do it for you sxb.
First I was like, :gucciwhat:, then :susp:, after it wore off, :russ:. Yo, I know how to please a girl. I do not need to lick her golden spot, might as well lick a toilet seat too if that were the case. To each his own though. Btw, do you pour some Hershey's chocolate syrup before or raw sushi is the way to go. I would lick the syrup off of the rest of her body though. She'd still quiver with ecstasy, :banderas:.
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