1. AarHawd_7

    Uxbridge Road, Shepherds bush

    The amount of Hijaabi Xaaliimos with tight jeans I saw today wiggelin their phat ass left to right. :lawd::lawd::lawd: Might eat at Savannah or Nandos every single day from now on:jcoleno:
  2. E

    the most beautiful gazelle xaliimo

    Masha allah! Yall should be careful not to give her the evil eye. Proceed with caution. Look at her smile :banderas: Her hips :ahhhh: Perky naaso :ahh: Thicc thighs :diddyass: Natural caramel skin :ahh: 2 meter height :jcoleno: Hido iyo dhaqan attire :ahh: SHES THE DEFINATION OF TRUE QALANJO...
  3. YoungFarah

    Somali beauty appreciation!!

    Yasmin one half of the YouTube channel Yas and Hals is one of the prettiest Somali girls I've seen in a minute 10/10.:banderas::banderas::banderas::banderas: