1. R

    GENETICS How accurate is this Elmenteitan reconstruction?

    The artist has been making reconstructions for a couple years now. I don't sense any bias or racism in his other works. Still, why does this South Cushite from the Kenyan rift valley look like an Abdalla??:faysalwtf: Compared to modern people, they're supposed to be most closest to Somalis...
  2. M

    The Most Somali Looking Maasai

    I didn't know maasais could look like this. :ohhh:
  3. M

    What is this thing Oromo priests have on their foreheads?

    If there's any Oromo members on here, what is this thing that your priests have on their foreheads? It reminds me of the blocks Jews wear on the forehead.
  4. Prince Abubu

    Samburu Wedding

    Some very Somali looking people in there. Is this a result of intermixing with Southern Cushites, or is it a result of recent intermixing with Somalis and Borana?
  5. CaliTedesse

    Inside the Burial Chambers of Sudan’s Royal Pyramids | Kush

    An underwater archaeologist has told the BBC of the extraordinary lengths he went to to access a pharaoh's tomb underneath a pyramid. Pearce Paul Creasman and his team were the first people to go into the tomb for 100 years and, in that time, it has become harder to access because of the rising...
  6. pablo

    Cushites ruled the known world...

    The land of Cush was originally in Arabia, the ancient Arabians were cushites, there were two races in ancient Arabia. The ancient cushites and the semites who came later on... the semites Arabians came at the time when the Israelites migrated to the land of Canaan the were mainly in the hedjaz...
  7. Cityviews

    Map of Yemeni towns named after Somalis (and other Africans)

    :lolbron:Factz Im coming for your spot as the premier source for Somali history here. @Factz @QAADDO @Nuur Iidaan @Reiko @sophisticate @pablo Named after Ethiopians Al Khabsiha ( Al Habashi) Sabkhat al Habasha Named after Somalis As Sumal Bani Ayub Bayt Az Zaylah Saylah As Saylah as Sufla...
  8. Cam

    Rendille Muslim Wedding

    The groom is an Abdi too :siilaanyolaugh:
  9. Prince Abubu

    Sardinians - Oldest European

    Am I right in thinking that Sardinians are the closest non-africans population to Cushites? They seem to be made up almost exclusively, of neolithic near-eastern farmers. Somalis have about 30-45% neolithic Middle-eastern DNA.:hmm:
  10. Edo Nene

    Model Legend Iman and David Bowie's Daughter....

    Looks like an arab and Spanish mixture to me. What yall think?
  11. E

    the most beautiful gazelle xaliimo

    Masha allah! Yall should be careful not to give her the evil eye. Proceed with caution. Look at her smile :banderas: Her hips :ahhhh: Perky naaso :ahh: Thicc thighs :diddyass: Natural caramel skin :ahh: 2 meter height :jcoleno: Hido iyo dhaqan attire :ahh: SHES THE DEFINATION OF TRUE QALANJO...
  12. Prince Abubu

    Why do Highland Cushites looks so different from the rest?

    They looks straight up Papuan and southern African bantus.:kanyehmm: Weirdly, they would cluster genetically closer to Habesha than Somalis/Oromo/Afar. Here are some examples of people called Burji, they're related to Sidamas.
  13. Huur

    Puntites vs Cushites [Poll]

    Apart from what our oral traditions provides. The ethnic origins of Somalis will always remain unknown. Currently there are two competing theories in answering this question. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Somalis are...
  14. Caraweelo X

    Somali Cushites

    Somalis and other people of the Horn are categorized as Cushitic or Kushites. Do you guys know how Somalis and people of the Horn got that name? I already know but I was wondering if anyone else knew!