The kind of man/woman/non-binary you're into.

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I like them tall, dark, handsome, curly haired, white straight teeth, jawline so sharp they will cut you, possessive, aggressive, with a hint of kibir. Educated with fat pockets.
I like the average nerdy with brown eyes.

With men I like them tall, dark (as in dark hair, blond is acceptable) and handsome geeky/brainy type.

With women I like them pettite, very dark or very pale with big booty and average breasts, smart and shy, cause they are freaks.
U go both ways :leon:
U seem conservative
I'd like someone who is respectful, kind and sometimes silly. Someone who cares about me as much as I care about them.


cismaan maxamuud
  • Religious(deen is super important)
  • Beautiful
  • Caring
  • Culturally oriented
  • Don't really care about skin but preferably maarin
  • Comes from a good family(children are like their mothers)
  • Can make jokes
  • Driven(isn't fazed by change and willing to take chances to prosper)
  • Organised
I think this may be a little too much but if all things are considered these would be the qualities of my ideal spouse.
We were discussing personality. There are other threads you can share pics in, this one is not it.
Most men don't care about personality. We mostly care about looks.

Look at all the rich men in the world and their women. Notice how they have good looking women like supermodels.

Personality is a thing of the past. Its all about the money and looks in this business world. If you dont believe that then you're naive.
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