The Evolution of female attraction to the male changes every decade

My pet peeve is when people argue about things that's not the topic of the thread
They started it

they better choose Somali boys for NCT Africa Geeljires need to go international.

Yes I have been told to join because I am tall and af Somali I know and I’m tall and I know English but somali people are a bit behind I can’t lie idk if any will WALLAAHHIII IYOOO BILLAHIIII IF ITS A ALL Madow OR ALL NORTH AFRICAN ARABS IN DONE WITH THIS SHIT
My preference has now changed from petite to slim thick.

I'm waiting for the day when obese women become the thing😂😂😂 It'll be easier to sweep the slim thick chicks off their feet.

They'll be like, "but...but... how could you like me? I ain't an obese chick." :pachah1::pachah1:
Somali men back in the day didnt have hairy chest, or grew out their beards, and they had a slender body. According to you thats feminine, and any women that likes that is a closeted gay. :dwill:

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Your ''evolution of Female attraction to the male every decade'' dont apply to Somali women since we just recently came to the west. We had our own beauty standards for men :wtfdis:

Also Somali women liking men with no chest hair and a clean face is them being consistent of what their ancestors wanted in men. :westbrookswag:
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Our body type is adapted to the environment we live in.. For example Somali men have slender body because we are supposed to walk for hundreds of kilometers with our camels we also have to be very fast etc.. Whilst bantus live in agricultural lands where you don't need to move around so much but you need brute strength to work the field etc.. I think that's why we have different body types. And also include the difference in diet. Our people were pastoral people living on camel milk and meat whilst others like the bantus have some more varied foods, like beans potatoes and other agricultural products.
Where are these somali women who find korean men attractive😂??? Aren't indho yar women flocking to cadaans because their men are too jileec jileec.

Life is easy for guys if your 6ft tall with abs and a beard you good🤔.

whereas women gotta to be looking like a bad bbish all the time.. cant even look basic anymore. I mean what happened to just looking average on a daily🤣 damn these influencers 😤😓