IMPORTANT Subnational Human Development Index (Somalia, 2017)


Hey @Apollo great thread sxb these clown online kids have never been back home that’s why it’s impossible for them to believe this it’s a harsh reality check our best province Banadir is shittier than North Eastern province the shittiest province in Kenya how shameless are 68iq Z00malis :snoop:
kenya and Ethiopia are literal shitholes and barely better than a Somalia without a proper government while they have been peaceful all this time:mahubowtf: we also have vast resources and a small population to split it amongst while they have big populations and no resources:noneck: they've already peaked as countries and its all downward from here for them as their resources deplete even more and their poor uneducated starving population grows:siilaanyolaugh: us on the other hand are on the upward and can surpass both countries in one year of development:siilaanyosmile: so I don't get why were even compared to these gaajo countries with no potential


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Income Index:

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This is the only metric that matters. It is interesting to see that this contradicts the data from 2016, however. It is also interesting to see that there is a weak correlation between a state’s population and its income. Larger states seem to do slightly better. This maybe explained by higher rates of urbanization in the larger states.

Having been to both Nugaal and Bari, find it hard to believe that Bari has higher living standards, but I may have gotten a false impression. I always thought Bari was doing worse than Mudug and Nugaal, these two surveys have changed my mind. It would be interesting to see district level data. I suspect that nomadic areas are better off than agricultural areas and that urban areas in the north are better off than urban areas in the south.
I don’t know why they continue to treat Mudug as a single state. The north and south are very different.
The numbers are very sketchy like Hiran and Middle Juba being at the top, especially the latter which is wholly controlled by Shabaab and has virtually no access to any aid whatsoever.

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