IMPORTANT Subnational Human Development Index (Somalia, 2017)


Totally fake. Their site says this in their 'about' page

The Subnational Human Development Index (SHDI) presented at this website is a translation of the UNDP’s official HDI ( to the subnational level.

But once you follow their link to the UNDP and look for Somalia in the 'data' list. There is nothing to be found

The UNDP has no 'HDI' data on Somalia as a whole let alone at a state level.

How it got there on their site, I don't know. But it's not UNDP DATA which is to be found on their site not an 'external' website.


It's run by a legitimate university. It's not some Suugo data.

This is their twitter, contact them if you want more info:

It's not on the UNDP site that it claims to 'translate' from.. I can report that shit as false research to the UNDP, if I really cared. But I don't really care, as long as official UNDP is not reporting it which influences Somali government, I could care less what some silly university that clearly is caught out in a lie about using UNDP data says.


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If it was on the list it’d be too high, they didn’t want to embarrass the other regions.

Bosaso and Qardho are the saving grace for Bari. The rest of Bari pull them down most likely.

Also, the IDPs and Ethiopians on their way to Yemen ruin the stats.

I don't even see Kismaayo in there, this list is trash:farmajoyaab:

They are based on provinces (gobols) not cities.


It's all so tiresome
A war torn Somalia isn't that different to peaceful Kenya and Ethiopia.

Other than barely working on their capital cities what have they been doing over the past 30 years?

We haven't developed shit since the Ogaden war in the 80s and these guys still don't have a proper sewage system in their second biggest cities.


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Hey @Apollo great thread sxb these clown online kids have never been back home that’s why it’s impossible for them to believe this it’s a harsh reality check our best province Banadir is shittier than North Eastern province the shittiest province in Kenya how shameless are 68iq Z00malis :snoop: