Students sponsored by Hass Petroleum graduate at the top of their class in Nugaal University, LA

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how do i use this


Galkacyo iyo Calula dhexdood
Notice what the man speaking said, they are building a huge school to feed the university. This is what most Somalis don't understand. You can't just build a college and expect it to churn out qualified grads, you have to have good secondary schools downstream from the college.

Tremoundous development.
Why is Nugaal University in a state that is not Nugaal?
Present day nugaal region has nothing to do with the name outside of the seasonal river draining there Siyaad barre was playing stupid game of pick a name the Nugaal valley covers 70% of sool if anything the name sool comes a plateau in sanaag called sool:damedamn:
The Europeans called the northern sool nugaal long before siyaad barre was born:damedamn:
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