1. Thegoodshepherd

    I greatly overestimated Somaliland's state capacity, it's hollow

    In Jan 2023, 5 days after the start of the Las Anod conflict, I predicted that the conflict in SSC won't come to end until the 2030s. I was working under a few assumptions, all of which turned out to be mistaken: Somaliland has a much larger military budget so it should be able to wage war on a...
  2. Manafesto

    Somaliland MP suggests that the Gov should make a priority in solvinng and stoppjng the murders and assisinations in Laascaanood

    Wow, the assisinations capital of the north Laascaanood has become a hot spot for murdering Somaliland government employees and officials, many soldier and officials excused them selves to and asked for a transfer since the murders are done by a well organized group. Since the SL deported the...
  3. DRACO

    SL: lasanod academy

    Friday at 1:52 AM New #1 The Lasanod Academy, Driving Excellence in Education The compound houses: 1. Administrative Building 2. A day primary school for 300 students 3. Two boarding secondary schools for 600 students (one all girls and one all boys) each with their own Dormitories...
  4. Mohsin

    Laacaanood expelled Muse biixi with gunfire

  5. Xooshdheere

    Somali Champion Abdi Bile

    He is a former middle distance who holds multiple Somali national records for various athletics disciplines. In 1987, he became world champion in the 1500 meteres, the first Somali to do so. In 1996 he represented Somalia at the 1996 Summer Olymics for the 1500 meters. His brother, Jama Bile ran...
  6. S

    Aerial View of Laascaanood

    Couple of neighborhood are hidden by the mountains. This city needs more tree planting tho. As u can see the major roads are paved. Great video tho
  7. S

    SSC-KHAATUMO SSC Region Pictures & Videos

  8. Foreman

    The Fall and Capture of Laascanood

    Laascaanood was under neither Somaliland’s nor Puntland’s control.357 Both Hargeysa and Garoowe paid local ‘rump administrations’ consisting of a governor, a vice-governor, and a military and a police commander with their respective troops. These positions were taken by locals from different...