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I recently bought a PS5. F*cking love it so far. As I was playing FIFA 21.....I had an outrageous thought about my ex-wife.

Throughout my life, I've been a massive gamer. I loved all the PlayStation consoles, I've owned over the years. I've even still got my old ps2 at my parents house.

So when I got married, I bought a ps4 from PC World in Westfield Shepherds Bush, while out shopping with her. Yeah, fair to say, she was not pleased in the slightest. To sorta win her over, I got a blue controller, as she is a Chelsea fan.

As you all know, I work in construction. I work roughly 60 hours a week, with super long commutes to the different sites all over London, that I'm sent to on a daily bases.

When I get home from a hard day at work, and on my Sunday day off, I love nothing more, than to sit back and spend an hour or two playing fifa or cod. But, everytime I would turn the damn thing on, I'd get death stares from her.

FYI: I would make sure I did all my duties in the house, before playing the damn games. In any case, it's not like I wasn't the one paying all the f*cking bills.

She would even deliberately attempt to go to bed in the early evening, to guilt trip me into turning the game off and join her in bed.

Then October 2018 comes around. One of my favourite games was Red Dead Redemption, a great game that was released in 2010. I had been waiting bloody years for the sequel....and October of that year was its release. I bought Red Dead 2 literally on the day of its release. I was gassed.

Literally not a week had gone by, when she forced me to not only stop gaming, but to sell the whole lot altogether.

Her whole reasoning was that *I'm a husband and a soon to be father.....gaming is for kids.....not people nearing 30*

For a while, I thought she had a point and was making sense. So like a good husband, I listened and sold it all to a local Cex store. Got a few bob for it all, so it wasn't all bad.

It doesn't end there. See my ex-wife has a sister. And she married this Iraqi or Persian guy (same people near enough). He was a nice guy, got nothing bad to say. By outward appearance, he seemed like a religious guy, with a great beard to boot.

The amount of arse licking this guy was getting from my ex-wife's family was just ridiculous. Forget Corona Virus.....there is an epidemic of Ajnabi jacel, amongst Somalis.

Now, I'm guilty of a lot of things, one of them being missing my Salahs. This is something we all need to work on. Literally, everytime I'd miss a salah, my ex-wife would go on about how much her sisters husband would pray, and how great his Iman is. That never bothered me anyway, like as if he would get more points than me to janaah, on the basis of him praying more than myself.

For a good year, this guy was unemployed....not that there's nothing wrong with that, people have their reasons. In all that time, my ex-wife would constantly pester me to hook him up with a job....what am I? The fucking Job Centre?

In anycase, I tried multiple times to hook him up with a job in construction, I even gave him what qualifications and courses he would need to take to become a tradesman of his choosing.

I know when someone doesn't want my help, and this guy was not interested. So if he doesn't want to work in construction or as a tradesman, then there's nothing i can do. That was his attitude, I'm no arselicker or beg a friend person. If someone doesn't want my help or wanna listen, they can f*ck right off.

Going back to the thing about the gaming. The whole year this fella was unemployed and didn't want me to hook him up with a job in construction, and the multiple times I'd go and pick up my ex and son from her sister's, he would be sitting there......GAMING....and yet, the whole family would be arselicking him, while making me out to be some villain, because I miss 1 or 2 salahs.......just can't make it up.

Somalis and Ajnabi Jacel, will be the end of us.
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You were probably too respectful to her. I've noticed Somali dudes are soft with women.

Maybe. I should learn a few things from some Ogadeen odays. They're experts at keeping naago in line.

You'd be surprised at what people get away with by being 'nice' and praying. That gives people the false-hope that some day you will turn your life around and become productive.

Don't underestimate how much the lack of Salah affects how people view and treat you.

Look, sis, I work 60 hours a week, sometimes it's hard to keep up with all the salahs....not that I'm justifying.

so what exactly were you upset about?

The double standards......I'm immature for gaming, but he's the greatest thing since sliced bread, when he's unemployed and GAMING?

mr steal your naag

banu hashim and shiettt
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Bro iam litterly waiting 5 months . I look like a crackhead waiting for drugs


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