Somalis on the front line in the war against Coronavirus in UK


Gang shxt we in dis bxtch, huruud on deck!
Check out this Chinese woman buying up all the masks somewhere in Florida right before the pandemic hit the US:

min 0:42 she starts mocking Americans for not realizing what is heading their way.

Now it all makes sense, in january i wanted to buy some hand sanitizer and disinfection wipes for my handbag. I always have some in my bag. I went to multiple drugstores and couldnt find any:farmajoyaab:


Ja, Vi Elsker Dette Landet
I thought you were a university student who was one of the top ten smartest people in Singapore, the day before that you were a businessman with links to the Somali government, then you were a software developer who knows 4 programming languages, today you are a key worker for the U.K. NHS working in nightingale hospital. It’s hard to keep up with your career
Oh my days

Do you not watch the news, did you not read about volunteers

I did say IT department did I not....
I never said I was a doctor.
Software student... who studies in Singapore ... who job is to learn languages..... so clearly, it is like saying a doctor who does not know medicine
British Passport

Come control and make a hospital without no IT nor Software infrastructure.

No exams in Singapore = I remember saying I came back to the UK.....

Am I being aired, everything I say gets disregarded and mocked...... And then when I state something.. it gets contradicted....

Also, i remember saying "Dad's business, who I work for" , clearly at this young age I am nothing but a pawn for older

And regarding the top ten, it is for a single exam........
Clearly you know a lot about me

Bit of hatred i sense , @Afrique
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