Somalis need to stop being homophobic walle?


You don't have to like these gay folk, but you shouldn't cuss at them either. Be nice and civil. You do you. I met these ten faraxs just bashing this gay couple. crazy af.:gucciwhat:

Nightline Kid

Imagine still using this shithole of a website.
There's a difference between acknowledging that it's 100% haram and not supporting it, and sperging out at the mere mention of gay people. It's funny how Somalis take certain behaviors of Muslims in general to the extreme, be it hatred of Jews, hatred of Shias, and, of course, gay people.
I never understood homophobia. Why do you care what happens between two consenting adults behind closed doors? How does it affect you? Who are you to tell people what they can and can't do with their bodies?